The Sleep and Alertness Clinic is a multidisciplinary clinic providing comprehensive care for the entire spectrum of sleep disorders including sleep apnea, insomnia, parasomnias, narcolepsy, hypersomnias, restless legs syndrome and circadian disorders.

The sleep specialists and technologists are among the most highly trained, qualified and experienced in the country.

The clinic organizes regular educational rounds on sleep medicine that are teleconferenced across the province

Patient focused groups and one-to-one counseling to help individuals suffering from various sleep disorders are offered at the clinic.

The clinic has a full-time research coordinator and is active in clinical research.  Numerous peer-reviewed articles are published by members of the clinic on a regular basis.

Teaching of sleep medicine is also a mandate of this clinic. Medical students, graduate students, residents and fellows are taught, trained and pursue research at the clinic.

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Professor Colin Shapiro, BSc, MBBCh, PhD, MRCPsych, FRCPC Department of Psychiatry
University of Toronto


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