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Dr. Colin Shapiro,

Professor of Psychiatry and Ophtalmology, University of Toronto

Director of the Sleep & Alertness Clinic & Sleep Research Laboratory,Toronto Western Hospital

Director of the Youthdale Child & Adolescent Sleep Clinic,Toronto

Dr. Shapiro has been involved in sleep research for over twenty-five years.  He trained in medicine in South Africa subsequently doing his PhD in sleep physiology at the University of Edinburgh. He came to Canada approximately eighteen years ago as a Full Professor in the Department of Psychiatry.  He is Director of the Neuropsychiatry Program at the Toronto Western Hospital and Director of the Sleep and Alertness Clinic. 

He has over 200 publications in this field and a dozen books including a book on forensic aspects of sleep and several books for the lay public the most recent of which is titled “Fighting Fatigue and Sleepiness”.  He also co-authored “Working the Shift” and a children’s book “Who needs to sleep anyway”

One of his interests is sleep changes in psychiatric disease and extent to which sleep markers are helpful in psychiatry. The book entitled “Contemporary Neuropsychiatry” deals with Dr. Shapiro’s interest in Neuropsychiatry and stems from a conference in Japan by the International Neuropsychiatry Association which he helped set up.   Three years ago he opened the first independent child and adolescent sleep clinic in Canada.

Professor of Psychiatry, Ophthalmology and Cell and Molecular Biology, University of Toronto
Staff Psychiatrist, University Health Network,
West Parry Sound Health Centre

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