Sleep in Media - September 2016

September 15, 2016

A Century of Highway Zombies - The Atlantic
(The Atlantic, July 29,2016)

Could quality of sleep have to do with sex differences?
(Science Daily, September 12,2016)

Is sufficient sleep the key to successful antidepressant response?
(Science Daily, September 7,2016)

Simulation study highlights potential driving risk posed by patients with obstructive sleep apnea
(Science Daily, September 6,2016)

Brain circuit that drives sleep-wake states, sleep-preparation behavior is identified
(Science Daily, September 5,2016)

Sleeping brain's complex activity mimicked by simple model
(Science Daily,September 1,2016)

New role of Adenosine in the regulation of REM sleep discovered
(Science Daily,September 1,2016)

Cognitive behavior therapy could be key for children with autism getting enough sleep
(Science Daily,August 30,2016)


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