The International Sleep Clinic provides state of the art evaluation and treatment of all sleep disorders in a caring hospital setting environment to improve the quality of life for the community that we serve. 

The comprehensive, coordinated interdisciplinary care by the highly qualified, trained, experienced physicians and technologists are in the most convenient, accessible and appropriate setting. The International Sleep Clinic focuses on wellness, quality of life and health promotion in an atmosphere of partnership, choice, and shared responsibility for health and well being. The one-to-one counseling to individuals is also offered in this clinic.

The clinic also provides educational opportunities for patients, physicians, health care professionals and the community to increase the awareness of sleep disorders, its diagnosis and treatment. One of the goals of these services is to inspire lifestyle changes and continued healthful choices among the community.

The International Sleep Clinic is dedicated to participating in multidisciplinary research projects within the neuroscience community and beyond. Sleep medicine research is viewed as essential part of every-day practice.    

Our Mission is “To continuously provide the best patient care possible in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders, work together as a team and keep abreast of the latest developments in the area of expertise”.

Best wishes,
Professor Colin Shapiro, BSc, MBBCh, PhD, MRCPsych, FRCPC Department of Psychiatry
University of Toronto


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