Our Staff

Youthdale Child & Adolescent Sleep Centre

Program Director Dr Colin M. Shapiro MBBCh, PhD, MRCPsych, FRCPC
Medical Director/Quality Advisor Dr. Joseph Barbera MD, DABSM, FRCPC
Managing Director/Technical Director Dragana Jovanovic Psychologist (Serbia), BSc, RPSGT
Assistant Managing Director Inna Voloh MD (Russia* NLO), RPSGT
Physicians Dr Colin M. Shapiro MBBCh, PhD, MRCPsych FRCPC
  Dr. Joseph Barbera MD, DABSM, FRCPC
  Dr. Lous van Zyl MB, Ch.B., M. Med., FRCPC (Psychiatrist)
  Dr. Azmeh Shahid MBBS, FCPS, MCCEE (Psychiatrist)
Dr. Paul Hwang MD, FRCPC, ABCN (Pediatric Neurology)
Dr. David Maresky MD, FRCPC  (Pediatrician)
Dr. Sheila V. Jacob MD, FRCPC (Pediatrics and Respiratory Medicine; ABSM)
Dr. Brian Lyttle MD, FRCPC (Pediatric Respirologist)
Dr. Arina Bingeliene MD, clinical fellow
  Dr. Adit Margaliot MD, FRCP(C) (Neurology and Sleep Medicine)
Senior Technologist Inna Voloh MD (Russia* NLO), RPSGT
Prativa Deb MBBS, RPSGT
Liudmila Derescuic MD* (Moldova* NLO) RPSGT
Jelena Blagojevic MD(Serbia* NLO), PSGT
  Amy Huang MD(China*) PSGT
Technologists Olena Frolova MD(Ukraine* NLO), PSGT
  Karen Graham PSGT
  Simona Popescu MD(Romania* NLO), PSGT
  Ayfira Parhat PSGT
Administrative Staff Jasmine De Los Reyes-Vila Administrative Coordinator
  Arlene Augusta Assistant Administrator Coordinator
    * Not licensed in Canada
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