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Sleep Consult - New Patient

The first time when you come to the Clinic you will spend approximately an hour with us in a one-to-one setting. This first meeting is very important for both of us. We would like to give you sufficient time to share your sleep problems and concerns with us and to get answers for your questions.

We would like to learn about your sleep and sleep difficulties, including your sleep schedule, your sleep environment, the onset of your sleep problem and how it may have changed over time.

Most sleep disorders are associated with daytime symptoms, for example sleepiness, fatigue, change of mood or cognitive performance; the assessment of which will help us to make a diagnosis and find the best therapy for you. We will also take your medical, psychiatric and family history.

The comprehensive questionnaire booklet that you complete and bring for this first appointment provides us with supplementary information on your sleep habits as well as on the nature and severity of your sleep and daytime problems.

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